• Rack/Terminal equipment


  • FT7500 series junction boxes are designed to provide a convenient, safe, and protected point of service for terminal side accessories. The junction box is intended to house the connections between a rack monitor, and its supporting accessories such as a deadman switch, and rack cords. When installed correctly, the junction box will protect cack cords from excessive wear and tear, and cord connections from rain, dirt, and corrosion.


  • Threadless entry sized for 3/4 NPT conduit. See technical specifications in manual 11068PA


  • Water-tight construction helps prevents condensation and moisture from causing corrosion on the with rack connections.
  • Twelve position terminal block for quick replacement of various cord types including optic, thermistor, ground, and deadman cables.
  • Large internal volume allows ample room for wiring and easy installation.
  • Mesh cord grip reduces cable strain and prevent cable pull-out.
  • Integrated cord hook holds the cable while not in use.
  • Secondary cord entry for setups requiring optic and thermistor, 2 wire and 5 wire, or just as a backup cord when the primary cord fails.

Compatibility & Interchange Data

  • Compatible with industry standard rack cords including our FT600/620/630 series cords

How it works

  • Interconnect between rack monitor and rack cord


  • See 11068PA


  • Conduit sealing joint either sold separately or provided by the customer.